Nepali Innovation Industry

We do not intend to put outsourcing companies in this list. The list will have companies that have some of the following traits:

  1. Established in Nepal
  2. disruptive innovation
  3. potential of having a big positive social impact
  4. collecting and making data available that could facilitate research
  5. doing research or collaborating with research institutions to build new world knowledge

General, Daily life, Finance, Business, Marketing

  1. Janiketech

Education and Technology

  1. Karkhana
    • "Teachers, Tinkers, Experimenters!"
    • "Catalyze an ecosystem that permits the kids they teach to do the things they were unable to do – create innovative solutions to local problems, and make a living while doing it."

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  1. IntegratedICT
    • Applying the latest developments in AI to develop novel solutions to challenging problems in natural language processing.
    • Team of computer scientists and software Engineers and founded in 2012.

Society, Development and Open Data

  1. Kathmandu Living Labs (KLL)
    • "A civic tech group striving to co-create digital tools and information infrastructure so that government, nonprofits and businesses can use 21st century technology to provide everyday citizens the best services."
    • Has worked mostly in collecting and visualizing mapping data useful for various socio-economic aspects.
  2. Nalibeli and Galligalli
    • "Make people's lives easier by providing information on processes – formal and informal – for accessing government services."
    • All Government rules and regulations for public service in one single place with wikipedia style collaboration strategy.
  3. OpenNepal
    • "A knowledge hub and a learning space for organizations and people that produce, share and use data for development"
    • "Open Nepal exists to improve how data for development is produced, shared and used in Nepal by supporting a community of civil society groups, media, private sector, government and academia to share data lessons, experiences, expertise and ideas."


  1. Ficus Biotech
    • Tissue culture technology to produce high quality plants